I figured I'd kick it off with that random bitch from Mortal Kombat, a terrible movie based on a terrible game. I was far to lazy to look up his name, I don't care and I highly doubt you do. It's almost like they just found the first asian guy that auditioned and gave him shitty hair. Considering I used Ernie Reyes Jr. on this list twice...you may notice there is a lack of asian acting skill here in the states.


James Hong is one of those actors who has been in everything. I know for a fact if you are reading this you have seen him in something. Wayne's World is his most cherished role for me, if you can recall the play on english dubbing of eastern movies in that movie. Hong comes in at number 9.


Bruce Lee is a shoe-in, I didn't want to use him because it's so damn obvious but who else is there to put on this list? You may argue he deserves higher than 8th overall...just keep scrolling down...


Once again another shoe-in. There is NO list that is complete without Jackie Chan. Well...if the list is vertically challenged asians who can jump and kick then yeah, Chan is a MUST on that list.


Tzi Ma! What a generic name for an asian. Tzi. Ma. Anyway, this guy has been in a lot of things, much like James Hong. His stand out performance is Rush Hour! Which starred none-other than Jackie Chan!........he also did a few Macgyver episodes.


Just look at that picture. That screams fun. Ernie has done so many great things with his career.............anyway Surf Ninjas is a wonderful film. What the hell was with that Game Gear? Seriously? What kind of marketing ploy was that? That has got to be the shittiest investment by a video game company ever...a voodoo gamegear. What the hell....no less I bought one. Oh yeah, Ernie Reyes Jr....He is horrible.


Look at that picture. Just stare at it.


YES I KNOW ERNIE REYES JR. IS ALREADY ON THIS LIST...but I view his role played in Secret of the Ooze as a whole other person itself, I mean, it was THAT defying. "Maybe in my dreams I'll dream of somethin' a little thinna'" That quote can be heard echoed down the halls of my dwelling and even outside of my housing...the quote follows me, and I think it will continue to for the rest of my life. We love you Keno...Pizza Delivery Boy.


Man, why did Rufio have to die? God, that pisses me off so much I have nothing more to say.


"Indy I love you!" Not only did this kid beat up baddies in Temple of the Doom but he also was in The Goonies. This little guy has quite the impressive resume. You have to love his annoying little voice..."That's what I said, boobie-traps!" That is why Short Round takes the number 1 spot. Goonies and Temple of the Doom...you can't top it, not even you Rufio.


-Apple Juice