All right every one this is my first all out movie review, with many more to come so try and bear with me…

Tom about to take his unicorn for a cruise.

Legend, is an all out ultimate good verse ultimate evil film. A film in which evil is trying to take over the light realm. A film in which love is forever through good being turned evil and fought for. A character named Jack played by tom cruise which happens to be a woodland imp in love with a princess named Lilly who Is played by Mia Sara. Jack being in love with Lilly decides to take her though the forest and show her the true light of their world, unicorns. Unknown to them they were being followed by goblins which work for their master to rid the world of all that is pure. Their sinister plan to kill the unicorns the one thing that will stop the world from becoming completely dark.

Troll anyone?

Lilly being pure and loving of all light decides to try and touch a unicorn against jacks words of not doing so being as the unicorns are sacred and ultimate pure of all mortal creatures. No mortal should ever do so.. Lilly doing so caused one of the unicorns to loose there life changing the seasons dramatically from warm to the coldest of winter.
The lord of darkness, basically played by the devil himself, captures Lilly and the remaining unicorn with plans of making her his wife and killing the unicorn so hell would become the light world as they know it the world now basically an ice covered hell the only thing stopping it from becoming hell on earth is jack and his fairy that’s in love with him and his gnome like friends.

Jack basically fights his way through hell on earth that is if hell was snowy not lava… ey. To reach the dark lords castle were he fight to for his love Lilly which has been corrupted by the dark lord, and fight for the world at the same time. Lilly bringing the lord back to full power without realizing she is doing so till it’s too late. Jack has to fight the dark lord which ironically gets killed by a unicorn horn to the heart he never had.

This is my self-portrait.

This film has some great costume design for the time it was made and beautiful scenery the acting is slightly under par but easily dealt with. I give this LEGENDary movie a 3 out of 4 popcorn bags.