11:46AM Saturday, August 9th 2008

The Sword of Triumph, watch as this epic unfolds! Also, a dance to enjoy!

12:21PM Tuesday, August 5th 2008

It Came From Brazil added to the Random section. Another nice throwback!

2:58PM Monday, August 4th 2008

Big Blue Tribute video posted! This is an oldie but a goodie. We will never forget.

-EES Staff

7:49AM Friday, August 1st 2008

Minute updates abound! Rollover images like so! Amazing isn't it? Also, a nice little counter at the bottom for our boasting needs. Added a EES favicon aswell, you may notice it next to the adress. Reviews coming soon!

-EES Staff

11:37PM Thursday, July 31st 2008

WWW.EVERENDINGSTORY.COM is active. Welcome to the internet boys. Thanks again Mike! (t9x)

-EES Staff


Two reviews up!

1:37AM Tuesday, July 29th 2008

Interesing read...needless to say.

-EES Staff

2:00AM Monday, July 28th 2008

Echo offers us a legendary look into Tom Cruise's past.

9:19PM Sunday, July 27th 2008

3 Ninjas review is up!! Apple Juice contributes once again!


2:34AM Sunday, July 27th 2008.

Apple Juice posts his review on 28 Days Later! Also...we would LOOOVE to see you on the forums people! Check it out below!

-EES Staff

12:11AM Friday, July 25th 2008


The Forums are active check it out! Also check out the first review on this site. (thank you Dosh!) The review is very in-depth and gives you a great insight into the world of CRIMINAL MIDS, much like Lawrence Gowan did. Check it out and discuss on the forums!

12:47AM: Also, SassQuatch's About page is up!...if anyone wants to read of the concaid optimist himself.

1:32AM: Dosh's Turn!

12:09PM: Added a Top 10 List!! Asian Actors by Apple Juice!

7:30PM: You Don't Mess With The Zohan Review up!

10:00PM: Phillyfanboy debuts and opens with his review of Bloodsport!

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12:42AM Thursday, July 24th 2008

Big Mike added to staff, Past Ads posted in Random section, this is used to view old spoof ads shown in the Chat page. Forums up! These along with other, small updates. Content coming!

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1:09AM Wednesday, July 23rd 2008.

Site has launched! Chatroom/Shoutbox is functioning properly. Everything else is....bare....contributions coming soon!! Until then...feel free to go on ahead to the Community Chat Room and SHOUT! with David Putty and company.

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