Hocus Pocus a must watch Halloween classics produced by Disney. In no way shape or form should remotely be over looked just because of the pg 13 rating.

The movie starts out with a young male named Max moving into the new town of Salem around the time of Halloween, with his annoying younger sister (Danny), ma, and pa. He meets an overly attractive to good for his bowl cut bike riding head, named Allison. He goes home hugs a pillow and fantasies about her as he calls them yabbose. To his dismay Danny his younger sister pops out and catches him in the act before he could commit adultery on his featherlike pillow. Max is also submitted to bulling by two of the lamest bullies in Salem, one so ridicules he has ice cut into the hair on the back of his fat ass head, ice being his nick name real name erne wtf right? Any ways Maxx isn’t having the best day of his life followed by having to take his kid sister out trick or treating, which turns out to be one of the greatest adventures of his life. His night starts out with the normal trick or treating then bulling haunts him once more by getting his candy stolen by erne and the other random douche. The night slowly becomes lightened when he meets up with Allison at her house who invites them into an adult party no pun intended. They all leave this party after Danny embarrasses Max by telling Alison about his wet pillow and him screaming her name.

They manage to wind up in the old Sanderson sister house were Maxx a virgin on Halloween decides to light the man fat black wick candle, bringing the Sanderson sisters back to life. The fattest sister smells the children while Winifred is getting her Harry potter monster manual book (spell book) out of a glass case. Maxx leads in their escape from the house by use of a lighter to the over head fire extinguishers. Now that they have escaped they head out to the town to find their parents and warn the town. Upon their escape they add another character to their trio Zackary Benxi a black cat which was once a young male. Upon trying to warn the town it slowly starts becoming taken over by the sisters singing there magical melodies into the night on their brooms and… vacuum cleaner. They find out via the cat Binx the sacred ground (cemetery) is the one place were the retched sisters cannot lay foot the town becomes entirely immersed in wickedness of black magic the town’s folk zombie like doing anything at the sister’s dismay.

As the sisters slowly suck the life out of children regaining there powers till Maxx stills the spell book and takes it back to the cemetery were the aerial battle takes place what will happen? Will the sisters be able to get the book back and kill the medaling kids? Will max, Alison, Danny, and Binx be able to stop the sisters from becoming the witches they once were and free Bin of his pussy like appearance? Will max analy penetrate his pillow? You’ll have to watch this Disney channel classic to find out. Nostalgia alone ranks this movie upon the best I’m giving this well know witchy wonder 3.8 out of 4 of the wickedest spooky popcorn bags in Salem.