When one is trying to decide what to post...a lot of thought most be put in to the process, it's to bad that I'm way to lazy and or busy to truly give any subject that I review a decent spin. Regardless with that out of the way I'd like to post this review on: Blood Sport.


Right off the bat one going in to watching this movie has to know it is a Van Damme flick (read: post drug and mental break down) which means it's going to be a decent action flick. So the movie is basically about Van Damme, joining in an illegal underground fighting circuit, why he joined slips my mind at the moment.


Just gaze into his....eyes....they are closed what a doofy ass looking dude.

Needless to say he joins the fight, becomes friends with a rather large white guy who kind of looks like a biker and kind of bit like Hacksaw Jim Dougins. They play an arcade game together and Van Damme whoops his butt, for same reason the biker guy gains respect for him because he beat him in a fighting game. The biker guy is a brawler and knows no real fighting style.


Strangely enough he is able to make thru all the kumite (Japanese for Fight). Till he meets the movies villain a very large Asian man (who use to spar with Bruce Lee in real life.) he then gets his biker ass kicked and almost is killed. Van Damme is then enraged and vows to beat him and avenge his biker buddy. There is a random chick in the movie who is Van Dame’s love interest. She is an undercover reporter who is trying to uncover the kumite. She tries to talk him out of fighting. Anyway a handful of people die or are seriously injured. Van Damme faces Bruce Lee's former sparring partner and wins, but not with out him blinding Van Damme with some kind of dust. In the end a blind Van Damme defeats the large Asian man and gets the girl (she is mildly good looking not at all on Van Damme's level) and his fat biker friend is okay. That about sums up the plot.


What the fuck?

Good points:
Bomb fight scenes.
Van Damme.
A sex scene with a mildly good-looking woman.
Lukewarm 80's plot. (classic)
Truly a Damme good movie.
Biker Bitch gets lit up.

Bad points:
Basic Plot.
Corny at times.
Biker Bitch lives.

Overall, I give it a 3.5 out 4.0 popcorn bags. For an 80's action movie this is the cream of the crop.

If you like this flick also check out: Kick Boxer, Cyborg, Double Impact, Universal Soldiers and a handful of other Van Damme flicks.